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Looking to buy weed but don't want to wait or go to the cannabis store nearby? Weedapproach provides convenience without having to order online and wait days for your weed to arrive in the mail. Order today and get fast same-day weed delivery in Vancouver to your door! We are the BC's fastest and cheapest cannabis delivery service in the lower mainland.

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Onestop Sour Cherry Lime

500mg THC

Purple Death Bubba

THC 20-24% • CBD 0.1%

Strawberry Ice

THC 21-23% • CBD 0.8%

Unicorn Poop

THC 24-26% • CBD 1%

Green Haze

THC 17-20% • CBD 0%

Gelato Live Resin

THC 70-78%

Wedding Cake Honeycomb Budder

THC 60-67%

Tom Ford Pink Shatter

THC 88-91%

Potluck Sour Watermelon Hard Candies

300mg THC

Sugar Jack’s Vegan Grape Gummies (450mg THC)

450mg THC

Sugar Jack’s Peach Yogurt Gummies

500mg THC

Nepalese Temple Ball Hash

Cannabis delivered to your doorstep.

About Weedapproach Mobile Cannabis Dispensary

Are you in search of a cannabis shop that will deliver weed to you the same day anywhere in Vancouver? Then, you have arrived at the best. Weedapproach is a mobile cannabis dispensary that provides a convenient option for marijuana to your front door. We are here to provide high quality cannabis products and the quickest delivery service to every major city within the Greater Vancouver area. with premium affordable cannabis products. Trust Our team's dedication to providing you with the best in weed delivered in Vancouver. With our commitment to fast delivery times and excellent customer service, we're confident that you will be satisfied.



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